What Does the Colour of Your Bedding Say About You?

BeddingDid you know your choice of colourful bed linen is more than just a pretty face? The colours you choose for your bedroom could be down to more than just preference, and can actually be very telling about elements of your personality.

Because your bedding colour will often dictate the colour scheme across the rest of your bedroom, we put a lot of effort into choosing a shade that we know we’re going to love and feel comfortable around. In other words, there may be deeper and more subconscious factors influencing our choices.

So what does your bedding colour say about you? Check our list below to find out.

Black Bedding

The colour black has long been associated with sophistication, prestige and power; all great qualities for decorating a room. And when it comes to personality, people who choose black bed linen generally tend to be quite conservative and conventional, usually exercising a certain amount of caution and restraint when it comes to making all kinds of decisions.

If you chose black bed linen you are also likely to be a fiercely independent individual with a determination to succeed. In other words, you rule.

White Bedding

From the darkest to the lightest shade now. If you chose white bed linen for your bedroom you’re more likely to be a super neat and tidy individual with a strong dislike for clutter. There’s no messing around in your world; you take the straightforward approach to life and you’re not afraid to speak your mind when the need arises.

White bed linen is minimalistic and clean, making it the perfect match for your tidy mind. Besides, it’s easy to mix and match with practically any other colour if you ever fancy a change.

Pink Bedding

There are many shades of pink bedding, from pretty pale pink sheets all the way through to deep fuchsia bedding, but they all say something about you. Pink is regarded as a flirty shade, and this is often reflected in personality. The deeper the pink, the more energetic and passionate you are likely to be, while lighter pink indicates a more sentimental, calm and nurturing personality.

So if you’ve chosen pink bedding for your bedroom, it’s likely you’re one of the most friendly and approachable folks out there; can’t be bad!

Purple Bedding

Like pink, purple has many shades. But no matter which shade you go for, purple is always considered to be the ultimate colour of creativity. Whether you go for pale lilac sheets or dark aubergine bedding, you’re more likely to be intuitive, charismatic and imaginative, often taking a more spiritual approach to life.

If you have chosen a darker shade, like aubergine bedding, you are also likely to have an ambitious, passionate streak with a knack for leadership. Go you!

Blue Bedding

Blue, especially the lighter shades, is a highly popular bedroom colour due to its calming, tranquil nature. Whether you have light, dark or cornflower blue bedding, this tells the world that you’re predisposed to hold back on impulsive or overly spontaneous actions, preferring to take your time and process situations more carefully.

Blue bedding indicates a trustworthy, sincere, sensitive and peaceful person who loves nothing more than relaxing and taking things at a steady pace. If this sounds like your personality but you don’t yet have blue bedding then perhaps it’s time for a refresh; this is your colour calling.

Green Bedding

Green is the go-to colour for the nature-loving, down-to-earth people among us. If you have green bedding there’s a strong chance that you’re far more in touch with nature than the rest of us, you love to learn new things and your friends regard you as the compassionate, approachable one in the group.

Your calm and selfless attitude makes you great to have around in a crisis, and you’re at your happiest when you feel part of a close community. Green bedding combines the bright and optimistic connotations of yellow with the calming, tranquil nature of blue, making it a great bedroom choice.  

Red Bedding

If you have red bedding you probably won’t be surprised to learn that your choice generally indicates an extroverted, bold and and confident personality. Red is the colour of the courageous, the ambitious and the competitive; never to be ignored or underestimated.

Indicating passion, vibrancy and an enthusiasm for living life to the full, red bedding is one of the boldest bedroom decor choices available, and unsurprisingly one of the most popular.  

Not decided on the colour for your new bedding set yet? There’s a rainbow of shades plus a colourful selection of prints just waiting to be explored over in our colourful bed linen range at Sleep and Beyond.

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