How to Get the Best Night’s Sleep


Who doesn’t love sleep? Getting into bed at the end of a long day is up there with some of the best feelings in the world, but you might not be making the most of these precious hours of rest.

To get the best night’s sleep, you need to first create the perfect restful environment, and here’s how:

Start with your mattress

If your mattress isn’t up to scratch you’re never going to get a good night’s sleep, no matter what you do. If you find it takes a lot of effort to roll over or if you’re waking up with aches and pains, your mattress is probably too soft. On the other hand, if you wake during the night with painful hips and shoulders then your mattress is probably too firm. A mattress should yield to your body shape and support your joints, keeping you comfortable and ache-free.

If you’re not in a position to invest in a brand new mattress, don’t worry. You can still enhance it by adding a mattress topper. These come in all varieties and sizes and add extra comfort and support without breaking the bank; simply place on top of your mattress, slip your sheet over it and enjoy that new mattress feeling without the hassle.  

Go anti-allergy

Dust mites and mould love taking up residence in our pillows, and are the main culprits behind sleep-robbing respiratory allergies. 24% of us are allergic to dust mites, according to the Sleep Council, and mould has negative health effects on all of us, so anti-allergy bedding is essential for combating both.

If you find yourself suffering from sneezing, sore throat, itchy eyes and shortness of breath at night, it may be time to invest in a set of synthetic bedding to ward off those pesky allergens. Microfibre and hollowfibre pillows, pillow cases and synthetic duvets provide protection against dust mites and bacteria, helping you to sleep soundly and prevent health problems.

Find the right duvet

To get a good night’s sleep you need to find the perfect duvet to suit you, your home and the time of year. If your duvet is too warm or too lightweight you’ll find it much harder to get to sleep and stay asleep, so you’ll need to pay close attention to the tog rating. If you’re not sure how to choose the perfect duvet, check out our guide to duvet tog ratings, which will help you find the perfect match. We’re experts in producing the finest, hotel quality duvets that help you maintain the perfect temperature while you sleep, ensuring you’re always fully rested.

Invest in luxury bed linen

Never underestimate the power of good quality bed linen for assisting a good night’s sleep. Your bed linen is the first point of contact with your skin, and it needs to be breathable and gentle to keep you comfortable and sleeping soundly. Treat yourself to some luxury bed linen made from Egyptian cotton, which is breathable and ultra soft against your skin, helping to keep you at the optimum temperature all night long no matter what the season. And don’t worry; it’s more affordable than you might think.

Create total darkness

A dark, peaceful bedroom is conducive to restful sleep. This is because the sleep hormone, melatonin, is extremely sensitive to light and will not be produced properly if your bedroom isn’t dark enough. To ensure optimal melatonin release you need to eliminate as much light pollution as you can. This means ditching any LED alarm clocks and nightlights, turning off landing lights and shutting out any street light that may be filtering in. You can do this by investing in a blackout curtains or blinds, or by applying blackout material to the back of your existing curtains. And, hard as it may be, stay off your phone once you’re in bed; that blue-white screen light will trick your brain into a state of wakefulness and delay your much-needed sleep.

Sweet dreams!

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