How to Make Your Guest Bedroom Comfortable for Christmas

Christmas means company. Is your guest bedroom ready?

Don’t panic if it’s not. You can crank up the cosy factor and make your guests super comfortable this Christmas by making just a few simple tweaks. Try these quick fix tips for guest bedroom perfection:  

Top that mattress

Guest bedroom mattresses are often a touch less luxurious than our own, but this can be easily remedied with a mattress topper. Rather than shelling out a huge amount of money for a new mattress, a topper allows you to instantly upgrade your guest mattress to cloud-like status for a fraction of the price.

Mattress toppers add an extra super soft layer of comfort and support that your guests will love, and they come in both natural and synthetic filling options. All you need to do is place or strap it on top of your existing mattress and pop your sheet over the top, et voila! Instant luxury for your guest bedroom.

Plump those pillows

Nobody likes a pancake flat pillow, so make sure your guests can rest their heads on something supportive and soft this Christmas by investing in some new ones. A good plump pillow supports the neck and head to reduce pressure and provide maximum comfort. For extra luxury you could invest in a pair of feather and down pillows, provided your guests have no allergies. A less risky and more budget-friendly option, however, is the microfibre pillow, which mimics the feel of feather and down pillows and gives maximum support with none of the potential allergens.  

Crank up the duvet tog

Christmastime means chilly temperatures as winter sets in, so your guest bed will need a suitable winter duvet to keep your guests nice and warm at night. If you have a modern house with an effective heating system, you should be fine with a duvet tog of around 10. Too much higher than this and your guests will be too hot, and any less will not be warm enough. If, however, you have a much older house with less insulation and single pane windows, you should aim for a higher tog of 13.5 of higher to make sure your guests stay toasty warm on those long winter nights.

Upgrade the bed linen

Christmas is a very special occasion, so why not make your guest bedroom look the part with some new bed linen? For maximum comfort and extra brownie points from your guests, you could upgrade to some super soft Egyptian cotton bed linen. Egyptian cotton is renowned for its soft texture and durability, meaning you can use it time and time again and enjoy the compliments from your guests after each stay.

The perfect guest bed needs a good quality deep fitted sheet (the deep fit will help accommodate that new mattress topper), a new duvet cover and a set of pillow cases. The oxford style pillowcase is especially nice for a guest bedroom, with the attractive borders creating a more decorative effect. Aim for warm red or brown shades to create a welcoming, winter-ready guest bedroom.  

Add the finishing touches…

Now you’ve sorted the basics, it’s time to add those final flourishes that complete your guest bedroom setup. Every guest needs to have towels available in case they’d like to use the shower or bath, particularly if they’re staying for several days and nights. So why not invest in some new super soft Egyptian cotton bath towels and face cloths to match the luxury of your bed linen? Fold these neatly and place at the end of your guest bed so they can find them easily and use them whenever they like. It’s also a good idea to have an extra set or two on hand for longer stays so your guests don’t have to keep using the same towels.

Next, it’s all about the accessories. Adorn your guest bed with scatter cushions and decorative pillows for maximum wow factor, and place a snuggly throw at the end of the bed for extra warmth and decoration. While you’re at it, it can’t hurt to place some Christmassy scented candles here and there so your guests are welcomed into a beautifully-smelling, festive room that they’ll really enjoy spending time in.

Now your guest bedroom is all ready and waiting to welcome your guests over the Christmas period, and they’re guaranteed to have the most comfortable stay possible. Watch out, though, as they may end up wanting to stay forever.  

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