Top 5 Ways to Refresh Your Bedding This Autumn/Winter

Autumn/Winter Bedroom Refresh

Hello autumn, hello bedding refresh.

Yes, the seasons are on the move again, and this is the perfect excuse for a little change of your own. Nothing beats a good seasonal decor refresh, whether it’s just a tiny tweak or a full update, and even something as simple as new bedding can make such a difference to your bedroom.

Besides, the weather is getting cooler and the nights are drawing in, so your bedding choices for spring won’t necessarily be adequate for the approaching months.

So with that in mind, it’s time to crank up the cosiness with these top five ways to update your bedding for autumn and winter, straight from the bedding experts here at Sleep and Beyond.

Mattress Toppers

We’re homing straight in on the comfort levels with our first tip, adding a mattress topper. Why not treat yourself to one of these fantastic mattress boosts and add an extra layer of luxury to your bed this season?

Mattress toppers, especially duck feather and down toppers, are perfect for the autumn and winter months as they add lots of extra warmth, comfort and cosiness to see us through those chilly nights. And these wonderfully comfortable mattress toppers can also provide additional back, neck and shoulder support by distributing weight evenly across the mattress and reducing pressure points. Win-win!

Duvets, Pillow Cases & Sheets

Gone are the pale pastel colours and delicate floral prints of spring and summer; it’s autumn now and soon to be winter, so some new bedding and a fresh colour scheme to better suit the seasons are in well in order.

Simply changing your duvet cover and pillow cases can instantly transform your bedroom interior, and create a brand new autumn-ready look with very little effort. There are lots of fabulous autumnal and wintry bedding shades you could try, such as oranges, dark reds, browns, coppers and deep forest greens, all of which will give your bedroom an immediate warm and inviting glow.

And don’t forget the sheets, too. You can mix and match your duvet covers and pillow cases with fitted sheets or flat sheets of matching or harmonising colours to give greater depth to your new bedding colour scheme. For example, you can pair up a deep red duvet cover with a rich brown sheet for a really warm, earthy look.

Winter Duvets

While you’re updating your bed linen, why not go one step further and upgrade to a much cosier winter duvet to match your new warming colour scheme? If your duvet is a 10.5 tog rating or lower, it may not be quite warm enough for the colder months. Winter duvets tend to have a tog rating of 13.5 and upwards, and are perfect for snuggling down and keeping the chills at bay every night until the spring returns.

Looking for the ultimate winter duvet indulgence? Try one filled with luxuriously soft goose feather and down; the natural filling will keep you at the perfect temperature all night long, even on the coldest nights of the year. Or, if you suffer from allergies, a 13.5 tog winter microfibre duvet will keep you just as toasty warm while remaining breathable and luxuriously plump.

New winter duvets certainly look the part too, with their thick, bouncy textures creating the most visually inviting winter bedding arrangement imaginable. Hard to resist, aren’t they?

Winter Throws

So you’ve got the basics down, and now it’s time to get extra cosy and creative with some additional accessories. Winter throws are great for an autumn and winter bedding refresh for two reasons.

Firstly, they’re practical. If you don’t fancy upgrading to a winter duvet, a winter throw is perfect for adding an extra layer of temporary, seasonal warmth.

Secondly, they look fantastic. You can get throws in a huge variety of patterns and textures, and they look super inviting when folded neatly at the end of the bed or draped over the covers. Try going for rich red tartans, shaggy faux furs or luxurious fleece to create the ultimate cosy, warm and comfortable effect – or as the Danish call it, the ‘Hygge’ effect.


The final finishing touch to your autumn bedding refresh? Cushions, of course. A simple addition of a few plump cushions can drastically transform your bedroom’s look, and they are especially ideal for creating a cosy autumn/winter aesthetic.

Try playing around with an assortment of sizes and shapes, with big statement cushions for the centre and a few complementary smaller ones either side. Like with the throws, you can choose from a variety of patterns and textures to customise the look. Bold, autumnal colours like reds and browns, and traditional patterns like plaid and fair isle knits are ideal for this time of year, and seriously dial up the cosy.

Ready for your autumn and winter new bedding refresh? Browse the Sleep and Beyond collection for fabulous winter duvets, comfortable mattress toppers and high quality bedding to get you started.

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