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Cotton is one of the most common fabrics known to mankind. It is safe to assume that we all have cotton in some form or the other, be it garments, accessories or home furnishings. I am sure that you would have come across the term ‘Egyptian cotton’ while browsing for cotton-based products on the net or in stores. But do you know what is Egyptian cotton?


Egyptian Cotton is classified as long staple cotton has cotton fibres around 33mm suitable for medium counts i.e., NE50 to NE70 count yarn. However American extra-long staple cotton (ELS and PIMA) usually has cotton fibres above 35mm suitable for fine counts i.e., NE80 and above; compared to standard cotton with staple length between 30-25mm suitable for coarse counts (1-40s).


Additionally, much of the cotton grown in Egypt that can be accurately called “Egyptian cotton” is merely long staple, not ELS, meaning the fibres are shorter, weaker, and coarser than ELS cotton.


Honestly staple length is not headache of end users but the yarn manufacturers i.e., spinning units. We don’t agree with the myth (misconception) that long staple cotton and ELS cotton are softer breathable & absorbent than standard cotton. We are unable to understand that customers ask for Egyptian Cotton towels even kitchen tea towels but never demand for Egyptian Cotton shirt.


The experts here at Sleep and Beyond can guide you through the process of choosing the bed linen that’s right for you.

Let’s start with Cotton Bed Linen:


Advantages of Pure Cotton Bed Linen


Ideal for all seasons

Cotton is an all-weather textile – it will keep you cool on a hot summer day and provide insulation on a cold winter day.



It is breathable, soft & absorbent therefore comfortable.


Disadvantages of Pure Cotton Bed Linen:



Natural fibres, as opposed to synthetic, tend to be more expensive so it isn’t the best option when trying to keep costs down.


Shrinks easily

After a cycle in the dryer, your cotton clothing may no longer fit. But this is obviously avoidable by air drying.


Not so strong

Natural fibres can wear down easily – it can get damaged by damp conditions and even fade in sunlight.



Cotton wrinkles very easily and it’s safe to say you’ll always need to iron before use.


With caution, the advantages of cotton bedding can outweigh the disadvantages.


Now the question is, why risk your body with synthetic fibres when you have cotton made clothing to rely on for healthier and less risky clothes?